Sunday, December 11, 2016

Puppets, Holiday photo center, math games, and shared writing/pattern books

Over the past few weeks, we have been doing so many new things in the classroom, and we have been learning about many new things. In reading we are starting to use pattern books to help us read and also use our word wall words to help us read the books all on our own. In writing we just finished our writing and were able to share our work with each other.
W and c share their writing together

J and J share their work 

J reads a pattern book 

R uses her finger to help her read the words

In studio in the school students have been working with clay and they have been working on pulling, pinching, and even rolling out the clay to make different things. They have also been working on making clay pots and cups. 
V.L works with clay

After the end of choice time students have been writing in journals. The choice time journals are a way for the students to reflect on what they did in choice time. Through the use of our writing in class some students are even writing on their own. 
J writes on her one about choice time 

A drawing from a choice time journal
In choice time students have been really interested in the holidays and with the use of the dramatic play center, students have turned it into a shopping holiday market,  and they even have made a photo center where students and teachers can use holiday props to take photos. With the photos they created decorations, wrote signs, and even decided to charge 1 dollar a photo. With the money we will be buying toys for sick kids and taking the gifts to the children right before the holidays. 

setting up the holiday center

V making bags for the holiday market

D shows a prop

C and N decorating the photo center

Mr. C taking a photo with C who is posing as santa

In choice time the students have also been working hard on using more blocks to create buildings and they have been working on adding more each day when they return to the block center. 
adding to the block center

One student made a slide in the blocks

In math we have been working with numbers 6-10 and making different combinations to help us understand not just what a number is but also how to show ways to make different numbers. One way that is helping the students is with games. We just played cover up and will continue to play more this upcoming week. 
T and V.L play cover up 

A and J play cover up

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