Thursday, October 24, 2013

Signs in centers, math games, and tasting

Over the past few days students have been working on creating their own signs and thinking about how they can be used not only in the real world but also within the school. In the block area, they have started to create many different buildings and have used signs to show what they are making and what the directions are.

J made a sign to show where the police station is

a sign to show how to drive around 

a pizza sign

In math we have been working on playing games and how to work with partners. We played roll and record in which each partner takes a turn rolling the dice and then writing down the number they rolled.

some students traced the numbers and then colored in the box

On Monday we made a flow map of how to make a Jack-O-Lantern. Today we took the seeds and baked them in the oven with salt, brown sugar, and cooking spray. We used a mini oven we have in the class and then tried them!
F tries the seeds

G tried the seeds and he really enjoyed them!

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