Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shared writing, pairs, and vocabulary

A, T, K, and L work on illustrating the story about our trip
Today in morning meeting, we discussed what happened at our trip yesterday. We then started to write a story together about our trip. Students helped me think of the words. I wrote some of the words to model for them spacing, punctuation, and letter formation. They then came up and wrote on their own. They sounded out the words and did a great job. After a few students illustrated the story and we read it as a class.

Students also had the chance to read it all by themselves. They did a great job of sounding out the letter sounds to help them with their writing.

B and J find the words
Ms. Rebecca has been working on action words all week. Students had an opportunity to play a game. They came up and looked for vocabulary and action words.

During math we have been working on apple boxes and making combinations of ten. Today we went back and revisited what a pair was and how to create matching pairs.

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