Sunday, October 23, 2016

Projects, making Bread and more learning experiences

A wrote about the playground
P's story of her playing outside on the playground

This past week we have been looking at the work we have been doing on the playground and also with studying different aspects of a playground. We started with what we like to do and what we know about playgrounds, and have now moved to games we can play on the playground, and also using collage materials to show different things we like to do on the playground.
circle map of what we like to do 

tree map on what we like to play and games

students playing games outside

A collage of the swings on the playground

This week in choice time we worked more in the block center and students have been working on building tall buildings and even have started to come up with little games just they play on a playground outside. In the dramatic play area we worked on cooking and we made pumpkin bread which we shared as a snack on  Friday!

our bread!
In the block center we also worked on keeping up our buildings so that we can return to add more the next day.
a building 

In science and outside students are very interested in studying and sorting leaves. They bring in leaves daily and we have been adding them to the art center daily and then have been reading and using books to explore different leaves and learning about all the types of trees they come from. 

V makes his own book with leaves and leaf rubbing plates

N and A observe leaves 

We also opened our easel painting center and with Fall and Halloween approaching students used the pumpkins and paint to create different images they observed. 

 In math we have been working with shapes and continue to count daily. This week we used paper to make collages with different shapes.
student S made a  heart and recctangles
This week we finished up our first writing unit, and students were able to edit and publish their writing in which they used crayons and colored pencils to finish their writing by making it even more beautiful. Another thing students have started to use emergent print to write on their own and make cards in the writing center. 
A makes a card

P finished writing which also relates to the playground study
This week we will be celebrating our writing, working with pumpkins and looking more in depth at our playground study, leaves, and learning new letters and sight words as well as begin new reading and writing units.

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