Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Exploring things in Fall, and games.

Botanical Garden
We went on a trip to the Botanical Garden to observe the changes that are happening in the fall. We observed different trees, bark, and saw different insects. Some of the students were able to collect different leaves, found acorns, and different branches to be brought back to the classroom for the use in choice time. Students also were able to plant a pomegranite seeds,  and tasted them. They were then able to take the plants home to water and watch them grow! During the trip we observed oak tree leaves, and maple leaves. In class students have become very interested in the leaves outside and we have been collecting the leaves to use for different projects in the classroom.
observing the trees

we observed fish 

learning more about plants and trees

we tasted the seeds.

This week in choice time we have introduced new learning materials, as leaf rubbing plates, acorns, different paints and pumpkins to create different items. We also started using the blocks this week and students have created buildings. 

A uses paints to paint a pumpkin

S uses the leaf plates and pictures to observe different types of plates

In regards to the play ground we have been discussing what games we play and what games we can teach each other on the playground. Students came up with other games they know how to play on the playground and then will teach each other how to play when we go outside at recess.
R and C playing tag outside

our circle map with games we know

V writing about games she knows how to play 

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