Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Library, cooking and more

Today we went on a trip to the Queens Library. Students listened to stories, received their own library card and had the chance to check out books. They really enjoyed going and had a great time choosing their books. Thank you to the parents that were able to help out. It was great to have you!

In math we worked with shapes and learned how to play go fish, draw shapes with stencils, and used rubber stamps to show what we could make. Another center students used was counting and sorting their shapes and then figuring out how many all together they had.

H figures out how many shapes

B shows his shape picture

K, C , T, and S play go fish

At the end of the day students wanted to cook more. Thank you to Ms. Esther for bringing us in pie crust. Students used rolling pins and flour to explore the texture and experience what it is like to make dough into something you can eat. They then cooked it on the pan and added apples to create their own version of apple pie.

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