Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Donald Crews and Math games

J uses the chart to help with his writing
This week students have been working on editing and publishing their Donald Crews stories. They used our new student friendly rubric to help them assess their learning and discussed where they want to move to next. Some of the students were able to add a lot of craft move like Donald Crews and even were able to write across more than one page.
Students used this chart to help in their writing

In the block center this week students worked on adding to their building city. They added different signs and turned each section into a different area.

police station

sign for the station

D added a sign to the police station
In math this week we worked on adding on to teen numbers. We worked with numbers 15-20 and also used the ten frame to help us play games.

 Students worked on comparing numbers. They played compare.
For students that needed more of a challenge they played three card addition.

In word work this week students were given picture cards at their tables. They then decided as a group how they would sort them. They decided to sort out the pictures by the beginning letter sounds and then placed them in a tree map formation.

Table five sorts their pictures by using the letters f, v, s, and c.

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