Sunday, February 8, 2015

Math, Groundhogs day and Studio in the School

Happy February . We have been doing so many fun things and getting ready for our Quality Review which we just had on Thursday February 5,2014. We learned about Groundhogs Day and talked about if the Groundhog would see his shadow or not. We have also started oral storytelling and our unit in Fluency.

J shows her groundhog

N and M 

 In class we have been playing many new math games. This week students learned how to play compare and double compare. Don't forget to attend our math games workshop this Tuesday from 2:30-3:00 pm. Students also have been playing counting on by using ten frames and addition cards to help them with this skill.
D cuts out his cards to play adding on.

double compare


We also worked on identifying and being able to count on past 10 and worked with teen numbers.

mitten cover up with teen numbers

This week students had the opportunity to meet Ms. Monica our new studio in the school teacher. Students learned about different types of lines and used black paint and different brushes to create a work of art. They explored fat, skinny, curvy, twirly, zig zag and straight lines. They observed painters that paint with these lines to get an idea for their own painting.
Observing a work of art

Ms M shows the students how to use different strokes to create lines

B makes fat lines

A, J, J.Z, and D work on squiggly, wavy, and zig zag 
J and B work on their painting

E, J.H, T, and J make paintings

L, T, J, K, and L paint with lines.

Studio in the school will take place every Friday from 9-9:50. We will be having a gallery show later in the year.

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