Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Holidays and the Dentist

We celebrated the 100th day by making crowns and we also made big heart people for Valentines Day!

B and E make their hearts

J.H makes his 100th day hat

J in his hat

L and hear heart person
Before the Mid Winter break, we discussed many different holidays and worked on many things in the classroom. Students continued to work on oral storytelling and also continued to work on reading and math. We learned about different holidays and celebrated all we have been doing to honor the 100th day of school.

Students also were able to watch a show for the Chinese New Year. They observed and watched the dragon dance.
students watching the dragon dance.

a dancer 

ribbon dance

N participated in the ribbon dance.

After we watched the show students went back and made their own DANCING DRAGONS

B, R, J, and L make dragons

During the week before break, we also had a family game day. Students played with their family members math games we have learned in class. Mrs. Grazianos and my class worked together
J.Z. and his dad play the bean count game

J, and R's moms play the bean game

Students from Mrs. G 's class play top it.

Playing the bean game with counters

top it

R and his mom play double top it

Daniels mom play s with his brother

 During the week before break we also had a dental screening for the students. Students were able to have their teeth checked and they learned about dental hygene and how to take care of their teeth.

J.Z. gets his teeth checked

L gets her teeth checked

S gets her teeth checked.

For our Valentines Day activities, students did a math heart count and sort to help them understand how to read a graph. 
J uses his graph to compare amounts

figuring out what had the most and least or the same.

working on tally marks

In honor of the Chinese New Year students wore their special clothes to show how they dress!

J and B in their dresses 

To learn about our presidents the 1st and the 16th students played a word bingo presidents day game to help them learn new vocabulary
J cuts out her cards

B and J play 

For the 100th day of school I asked students to write about what they would buy if they had 100 dollars. We made a circle map first and then  we created a c
lass book.
Writing about what they could buy

Students also made glasses to celebrate the 100th day of school
B in his glasses
 We also started our mystery reader before break. The students had to listen to five clues to guess who it could be, and finally they learned it was Ms.Darrell

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