Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss, Personal Stories, and Apple Boxes

Yesterday we celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday. We talked about him as an author and looked at all of his books that he has written. We worked on rhyming by listening to Fox on Socks and then we made fox puppets. We made at word family hats and then created our own Cat in the Hat , hats.
We also created Ooblick in the sensory center. Throughout the week we will continue to honor Dr. Seuss as we read more of his books, make materials in centers, and also work on word families and rhyming.
we labeled the cat and the hat

I.B. works on her at family hat

W works on his hat

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

A makes her fox and socks puppet

L and K work on their puppet

R and B make ooblick

S and L make oobleck

In math we used the story One fish, two fish, red fish , blue fish to work on addition number stories. The students picked how many fish they wanted in their tank and then created an addition number sentence to match it.

I.S and J work on their problem

J.Z challenged himself

J makes 8

This week we have started to write our personal narratives and have discussed how to start our stories in an interesting way. We have also started to make sure that we use a flow map to have a beginning, middle, and end. Today students just worked on the beginning of their stories.
N's beginning of her story

In the dramatic play center I added some new materials. With St. Patricks Day in March, I added some fun materials for the students to use.
I.B. and R with props

N with his new hat
After tallying the results. Is. B won the read athon for Kindergarten. She read the most out of  all of the K students. The class all received a book today . For those that participated great job as well!

Today in math I posed the problem, I have 10 apples some are green and some are red. I have a basket and I need to fill it with apples. How can I fill my basket? We will be working on this problem all week to help the students get a better understanding of what number combinations are. 
Here is some of their work to start out the unit.
B was able to show 5 and 5 as a combination

here B shows how to get 10

Some students really were able to grasp the concept while others were still in the sketching process. I am looking forward to seeing how they develop number combinations throughout the week.

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