Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March learing

This month we have been focusing on many different activities. One activity we have been working on is writing personal stories across three pages, working on making sure we have a complete beginning, middle, and end.
J.Z's story The beginning

The middle

The end.

In math we have been working on a story called The bunk beds, in which the students have been asked to think of different ways the little girl in the story could trick her aunt buy switching friends from the top to the bottom of the bunk bed. There are 8 friends all together and the goal is to see how many number combinations they can make with 8. 

J shows how he can make 8
B and L work together to make 8 

Each day we work on figuring out different number combinations and ways to make 8 from sketching, to writing our own number word problems.
Today we played the up and down ladder game to help students add one to the top or take one from the top and go to the bottom to make a different combination but with the same number. 

L and K play the ladder game

working on a number sketch

J makes his number equations by answering the question

In the art center Ms. Pat helped the students work on color mixing and also used marbles to create different images. 
a finished piece

B and E work on a painting

B works on mixing colors

In reading we have also been continuing to work on partner reading with a focus on comprehension using I think _____ because_______, I predict_______, My favorite part is _______ because ____________. We have been using post it and reading response sheets to help us. 

W and I.B read together

L, K and J read together

In our studio in the school we worked on coloring mixing as well. Students worked with the primary colors red, blue, and yellow to create many different colors and then they added dark and light by putting in some black and some white.

Today students were able to see a live performance of Bollywood dancing. They had so much fun. They even were able to participate and learn a dance themselves.

I.B and N participated

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