Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Art, spring, and new learning

N and J use books to help them with their circle and brace maps
K made a bubble map for the changes in flowers

We have been discussing and learning about changes with the weather and how things change in the spring.

J uses the book to help him with his brace map on the parts of the plants. 
J.H and J work on their maps.
As a class we have been talking about spring with the change of the seasons. Students used different non fiction books and thinking maps to show what they know about spring and or what they learned. 

A few weeks back students were working on color mixing in art. Ms. M showed the students how to take different colors of paint and mix them together. On Friday she talked about how animals are different colors and also have different shapes. The students then decided how they were going to mix colors to help them create their own animal, with a focus on realistic colors and details.
Ms. M shows how she uses a oval and the color pink which she made with white and red to start her pic

making  a duck

A works on her animal

J makes his horse

Students also learned about St Patricks Day. We made different projects and did a graphing activity with lucky charms to count and celebrate the holiday

we looked for sight words in our poem

Happy Saint Patricks Day

graphing and sorting the marshmellows

H makes his graph

J.H works on his shamrock man 

a finished piece

Today we watched and African dance and music show. Students were able to learn about another type of music and culture and they had a great time dancing and participating. 

With the change in seasons students have been interested in planting and the changes with spring. Although the season has changed the weather has still been cold. We decided to do some indoor planting instead.
I.S, D, and R work on planting a sunflower

D pours the water and I.S observes

B added in the seeds

I.S put the sunflower by the window. We will check each day and record what is happening . Students can't wait to see what happens.,

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