Friday, January 16, 2015

A fun week!

At APEC learning about mammals
This week we went to Alley Pond Environmental Center. The students were able to learn about mammals, and birds, and also took a nature walk to explore different types of habitats of animals.  The students also were able to touch live animals and explore the area.

Students learn about mammals and birds
When we were outside we looked at different animal prints and also observed nests in nature.

animal tracks

looking at the pond for animals
students observe a spider and turtle

N pets the bunny and N looks

observing the turtle

 We also wrote about alley pond today and made habitats to show what we learned.

adding details to our interactive writing about our trip 

I.S making her habitat

This week in class we also observed different winter activites and created mittens in art. We also made slime that was almost like snow.
L uses the slime to make trees

R and his mittens

J.Z uses floam that was also a new center

Also this week we continued with our math games more is best and less is best.
We also worked on comparing large and small numbers and teen numbers

Today in honor or MLK day and his birthday on Monday we talked about how to treat others nicely and what peace is and how we can make the world a better place. We started with two eggs a brown egg and a white egg and discussed how even though we are different on the outside we all are the same on the inside.

Observing differences on the outside and the same on the inside

Our tree map on mlk

writing about what we hope for

friends all of us


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