Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome Back!

After being off for the holiday break, the students did really well at remembering their routines and rules. This week we  did a lot of new learning. As a class we finished up our measurement unit by making snowman with different shapes, and then we used linking cubes to measure and compare.

In writing we started our author study of Donald Crews. We have been looking at things that he does in his writing and have started to use it in our own. We observed many things and this week we tried to add signs in our writing, and also some of the students even noticed that he does sky writing.  We discussed what a story is and how we can write true stories that have a lot of details.

In reading we learned how to tell the difference between a way too easy book, a really hard book, and a just right book. Students learned how to shop for their just right books. At home ask them how they know!

In centers we made snow yesterday with baking soda, water, and some shaving cream. Then we added different colors to see what would happen. The students were so excited because of the snow and that it snowed outside today.

B measured his snowman 

B makes his snowman

A and W make their snowman

Also this week students worked on matching their color words with color words to help  them focus on ending and beginning sounds. 

N matches his words

Also in writing students looked at pictures from the Donald Crews book Night at the Fair to help them circle different things they noticed he did in his writing. 

T shows how he noticed signs.

J, E, and T circle noticings
Also in math this week we went over heavier and lighter again. Students had to draw things that would hold more than a water bottle.

B shows her work

Before students made their stories they made circle maps to show what they could write about.

D shows his work

Students also played a matching game with each other. They used picture cards to match which pictures went with the correct ending sounds.

H and L play 

Making snow!!!

We used the chart to help us with our stories today!

A showed details and a sign

N shows his signs

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