Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays and more

This week we talked about Hanukkah and Christmas. We will learn about Kwanza next week. This way the students are able to learn about all the holidays that are celebrated in December. We also had a nice time with the parents that came in to make a holiday craft. Students also had a holiday performance yesterday. It went so well thanks to Ms. Kim and her great program.

learning about Hanukkah 

B, W, and L make Menorahs
B and N make menorah

L makes her Hanukkah Menorah

J makes a santa hat 

T makes a Christmas hat 

 Also this week in class, students worked on making a large tree map to help them look at beginning of names and end of names. Students then discussed who had the most beginning letter sounds that started the same.

Also this week after learning summer and winter vocabulary with Ms. Rebecca students worked on making a bridge map to compare different clothes with seasons and also to help them write their sea saw pattern books. 

I.S. makes her bridge map 

A makes her map 

In math this week students took their shoes that they used to measure objects to work on figuring out how many cubes long their own shoes were. They then compared at their tables by making circle maps.

B and J measure and compare

S, K, I.B and W compare 

R and J.H discuss and measure

In centers students also make holiday evergreen trees to show how some people celebrate christmas.

 Students also worked hard in their singing for ms. Kim. Here is a video of the students practicing.

In math this week we also worked on counting how many steps it takes to get from one place to the next.

J counts how many steps it takes to walk from the rug to her desk

students count how many steps it takes from our class to Ms. Esthers.

At our holiday family gathering students and parents make holiday ornaments together

N's mom helps at a table

J's dad, D's dad and mom, and J's mom help to participate

W's mom and I.B's mom 

H's mom helps to make an ornament

K, L, and J.Z make ornatments

T's mom and dad help

B and J's mom help 

R and J.H make an ornament

N and her mom 

 After the show students made reindeer hats!

S and her hat
Happy Holidays and thanks for a great year!!

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