Friday, December 12, 2014

Check it dots, and shirt shopping

This week as we continued to work on our pattern books. Students were introduced how to use the check it dot system on their writing . They use circles and then check off to see if they used a capital at the beginning of their sentence, punctuation at the end, and if they spelled their word wall words correctly. Some of the students also are working on checking to see if they used finger spaces and also if they labeled their pictures to help them read it back.
D's paper  with his check it dots

more of his story

Students will be using this system throughout the rest of the year to help them in their writing.

Today Ms. Rebecca came in and introduced the students to new vocabulary. They learned about types of shirts and then she did a fun shopping activity. They were really excited to use the language  and it is very useful for the next upcoming units. 
Ms. Rebecca goes shopping with K

Her shirt shop

J goes shopping

The students practice folding shirts

B goes shopping

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  1. I'm so happy K is learning so much in your classroom! She's really bloomed!