Friday, December 5, 2014

Measurement, new centers, pattern books and more.

This week in class we added new learning materials to our centers to help us learn about the holidays. During the month of December we will be learning about Kwanza, Hanukkah, and also Christmas. This week in centers we added a holiday tree, some new jingle bells and also created some fun snowy art work with shaving cream and also glue. We learned about things we could do after we read the Snowy Day.
I.s and S make a holiday recipe

looking for holiday bells, ornaments and other things related to December

our finished winter paintings.

In math we started a new measurement unit and we used cubes to help us think about how we could figure out how many cubes it would take us to figure out the length of our sneakers and shoes. We also played a math game where students needed to make ten frames with different numbers.

K and J.Z make their number on the ten frame

S and A work on the ten frame game
N counts to see if she made the correct number combination

figuring out how tall our shoe is

R used cubes on the inside to see how long his sneaker was

J figured out length and width of his boot.

K, J, J.Z, and L work on tracing their shoe

H measures his sneaker 

 In writing this week we worked on finishing our simple pattern books. Students worked on their check it dot system punctuation looking to make sure they used capitals, periods and also were able to read their writing.
J reads her story

L's story..

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