Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and more!

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and their extra days of family and rest.  This week we worked on making number combinations with the wreckon wrack and we also learned how to play roll and record which was sent home with the students to play at home. Students also were introduced to new center materials and a new gingerbread girl puzzle.
In writing we have been working on pattern books and also in reading. Students were able to read a turkey pattern book, and even used Thanksgiving words to make a pattern book.

T uses the wrack to figure out different ways to show 8

L works on combinations

J works to show his thinking

In dramatic play students made a Thanksgiving Day Feast! They set the table , cooked, and even made little menus

J makes dinner

I.S adds table decorations.

In the block center a new set of materials was laid out. W and D worked on making different objects.

new puzzle 

In math this week we had many different games and students even worked on taking numbers they knew really well to work on adding to make different numbers.
Grab and count

roll the beans 

working on addition L

B also works on addition 

In reading this week students not only worked on reading pattern books but they also used strategies taught as looking at the pictures to figure out the words, and also pointing under the words to help their partners read. 
A and L work to read together

R and J work together

K points to the words as she reads

L points under the words

I.B reads the turkey pattern book.

In honor of Thanksgiving, students used the Time for Kids to create thinking maps all about Thanksgiving and what is means. They chose from creating a circle map, bubble map, or a tree map.
B reads her tree map 

J.Z. reads his tree map

I.B, and N read their circle maps

More fun Thanksgiving activities the students did were roll the dice to create a turkey based upon the number they rolled, and also a turkey puppet with the poem of the week on the back!

H makes his turkey

The students really had a great day yesterday and they even were able to taste Pumpkin Pie!

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