Sunday, November 23, 2014

Transit Museum

On Friday we took a trip to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Although it took a really long time to get there the students were still able to explore the trains in the museum and compare how they were different and similar to the trains we ride in today. They also were able to go on the bus and pretend they were driving it. At the end of the trip we looked at how the trains are made and how the workers had to dig through tons of rock and debris to create the great subway system we have today. By the end of the trip they were so tired they even fell asleep on the way home!
entering the museum 

L drives the bus

B drives the bus and L waits for her turn

exploring the bus 

n drives the bus

I drives the bus

students observing the old subway train cars

more observations and exploring 

T and B on the train 

W on the train 

we looked at the old engines that the trains used to have 

L and J move the train to see how the wheels move 

D and J fell asleep

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