Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apples, Applesauce, color mixing and more

This past week we have learned how to use bubble maps and brace maps to learn and explore more about Fall. Through the use of exploring things we observe during the fall and through the use of our senses, students tasted different apples and as a class we even made applesauce.  After we ate the applesauce we even were able to take the recipe home with us and read a book that we made together. When we made the applesauce students were able to chop the apples, smell the ingredients and we discussed how we use our senses on a daily basis.

students help cut the apples for the apple sauce 

cutting the apples

part of our bubble map used to describe apples

We used a crock pot to slow cook the apples and then after 4 hours we served it as a snack. 
Ms. Pat helps the students

S adds the sugar for the applesauce
This week we worked on coloring mixing and discussed the primary colors red, blue, and yellow and how we can make other colors from mixing these colors together. We did this activity as a follow up from our shared reading text Mouse Paint which we read this week. 
P and V mix paint colors
This week in reading workshop we launched partner reading and discussed how readers when they read with a partner share the text, discuss favorite parts and talk about the text with each other. 
R and S share their text during partner reading time

J and V share the text
This week we had our first parent engagement activity at our school. We held an open playground time for families to play together and for students to interact with their peers. We took out eh chalk and even used the hula hoops . 
parents and their children with chalk 

more fun with chalk
In choice time we opened the kitchen center and students also added more to the light center. After listening to conversations the play ground project may get put to the side and we may move into exploring outerspace and rocket ships!
s makes a rocket ship
Don't forget Friday we have a walking trip to the farmers market!

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