Monday, October 3, 2016

Playdough, choice time, and fall

This past week students were introduced to the block center. Each student had the chance to help build something , and then as a class we looked at what happens when we move blocks in a different way and we also discussed how we can take one building and just by moving a piece it becomes entirely different.
V and J work on making a building with the blocks

This week students noticed the changes in the weather and the changes in the leaves on the tree. They also took out the musical instruments to use outside during outdoor play. 
students use the musical instruements

Students observe the changing leaves
Also this week students learned how to make play dough. They then were able to create different images and shapes with the play dough. Then they were able to take the play dough home. We talked about what happens as we mix it together, and also what happens when you roll it or even pinch the play dough. 
W and R use the play dough

Our play dough recipe

This week we also used different centers in choice time. We worked with materials that have been introduced and also added in some new materials. Students worked in the science, sensory center, puppets, puzzles, painting, light center, and play dough. Each week we will try to work with different items in hopes this sparks up a project idea and or other topics of discussion. 
A, D, and V work in the light center 

V.L works in the puzzle center

N uses sunflower petals and water color paints in the painting center

C works in the science center

V. C works in the science center and makes a observational book using the word wall to spell

With the leaves changing and time for art, students listened to the book Leaf Man and after they listened to the story they then took leaves to create their own images just like in the Leaf Man book. 
from Leaf Man the leaves turned into a goose
with the leaves they also used different crayons to add details to their pictures.
A shows his design

C works on his picture

Students add details

A works to make different animals. 

In math we have been exploring through making patterns, sorting and looking at different shapes. On Friday they were introduced to math centers and new materials as geo boards were presented to the class to use. 
R and V.C. work on counting by using dots on the ladybugs

D used cubes to make numbers

Students work with the geoboards

S and M make pictures with shapes
Our letter for next week is G and words that begin with G, g, and our new sight words are me, and my. Last week we added I , am and Play.

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