Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Hello all and Happy New Year!!! I am looking forward to starting out the New Year back at work, and exploring new project ideas and activities with my students. As we started to come to an end of the building project I could tell the students are getting ready to  move onto something else. A hard part of the project learning and doing in the classroom, is understanding when to end the work and move on. As a class we put all of our buildings above the computer with lights and the students decided they would call it NYC at night. We then decided it was time to put all the blocks away. As we were cleaning this up I asked the students are you sure you want to put all this away. Many of them were excited and looking forward to starting something new. Although there are some students that would like to keep exploring this topic many have fizzled out and have learned what they have wanted to and gained answers and undertanding from their questions and work produced. They were even able to write about what they have learned through the use of pictures, books, and even their own findings. I look forward to starting something new and am very excited to see where we go as a class next. Happy New Year!!!!

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