Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is happening with our buildings

Students are still working on their building project and they are really still engaged in the work they are doing. They have now decided to add even more materials and it has really helped them to work together and figure out how to get the materials to stay in place. Students have started to observe the bricks of the buildings and the scaffolding that is surrounding the premises that is located on the building that is across the street from the school. As a class we are going to continue to use this as a focus point when it comes to watching materials be put together and how it is coming along as a building. This will allow the students to really take a look at how the building is being put together and the amount of time that goes into buidling a piece of work.  Students from the pictures below are sharing the work they have been doing with each other. The remainder of the project will continue as long as the students interest is with the project. They will work on adding more details, take a look at how the bricks are placed and really work on setting up the pieces of work we have to make it look like a real "city".

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