Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Continuing with our project

Over the past few weeks we have been observing, discussing and creating different buildings and trying to figure out what we were going to spend our work on. Well we have come up with a plan. Students have decided that they will create NYC through the use of clay, paint, boxes, and building materials. Another section of the classroom has decided to incorporate the creation of our school into the project. They have decided once they have finished their work they will display it on a shelf to represent the landmarks of NYC and its surrounding areas. It will include bridges, clay buildings, and even cardboard with bridges. It has only been one day since we have started our creation. I am really looking forward to how it will look when it is completed.

Through this project students have begun to use more language, work together, and figure out problems thorugh conversation and trial/error. They are definitely learning how to problem solve, and incorporate all subject areas along the way.

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