Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's happening with our building project

It has  been about a week since I lasted posted on here, and I am surprised to see where our project has led us to. In the beginning the students were very interested in buildings they see around NYC and what places they could create, which then turned into an elevator interest. Mr. Joe our custodian came into the classroom where the students asked him many questions as the following. Student J,"how do the elevators work inside and what do they run on?"  Mr. Joe then responded with "they are run by electric and also by a battery inside, which makes it go up and down." After the students had asked him many questions we then met as a group during our project time. I asked the students, "now that we know about the elevator and know thatmany buildings in NYC have them, what do you think our next step of the project should be?" Student A said, " How about we build our own school and make a building group, a garden group, an elevator group, and a playground group?" I responded with, "that is an interesting idea, but what about the buildings that we have already been working on?" Student N said, "how about our school and then buildings around it like a neighborhood."  I then asked the rest of the class, "what do you think about that idea?" They responded with " yes, then we can make our school inside NYC."  As a result of this students have been working on adding to their project by constructing images in the block area.
This is their image in blocks of our school garden.

Here you can see how the students have continued to work on adding to the city. This is a representation of the Queens County Farm, which is great because we are going to a field trip there on Tuesday.  In a continuation of this work, I look forward to seeing what the end result will be. Students have already suggested creating different teams and each team will work on one part of the school, and we will use boxes, clay and many other art materials. Stay tuned for what is coming up!!!!!!!


  1. Ms. Cruse-this sounds like an amazing project! I love the new look of the blog! :D

  2. What a great project! The conversation with Mr. Joe is so wonderful...lucky kids you have Ms. Cruse :)