Friday, December 14, 2012

Dinosaur Art

C created a castle for the dinosaurs to live in
Today we worked on learning more about dinosaurs and completing some work that we started last week. Students worked on adding more to their mural and also finished their volcano which we will erupt next week! They also had a chance to go into the blocks and really take their time to build a place for the dinosaurs.

C and H work on their castle house

house for the dino

J makes a hideaway cave

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 Students worked on also creating more parts to their story book about dinosaurs. One student A created her own version of the Three dinosaurs and the Three Little Bears.We read the book in class Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs and she wanted to write her own version. Students have come up with the idea of doing a play that we will be working on after the holiday break.

K, K, H, V, and L complete the volcano

Students also enjoyed using the art center to create their own paintings of the dinosaurs. They used different colors to mix the paint and then made beautiful art pieces to take home.

B's brontosaurous

W's painting of a stegosaurous

B's portrait

K, T, L, H, and K finger paint the rest of the volcano

S creates and illustration and adds it to the mural
H made a note and taped it saying don't come so that people would know not to come into the block area


  1. Your class is learning so much about dinosaurs, it's amazing! I have to come in and watch them doing project work! Maybe our classes can share/ teach each other what they learned about their projects!

  2. Ms. Esther yes that would be so much fun!!!!