Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What makes 10, Kwanza and more

In math we have been working on making groups of 10. Students are now able to create many different combinations of 10. We read the book 10 Black Dots by Donald Crews. Students talked about what they could make with groups of 10. Some of the answers were:
a dinosuar
a number 10

V makes the beginning letter of her name.

Students then went to their seats to make their own pictures of what they could create with 10 black dots.

J makes snowmen

A makes snowmen

 Some students even were able to write out 10 black dots can make.......................

Today in math at the end of the day we talked about what patterns are. We created Kwanza mats to show patterns. We talked as a class about what Kwanza is and how people celebrate it. 

S makes his pattern red and yellow

V makes her patter red green and yellow

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