Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our First Day of Kindergarten

     Today was a great beginning to the new start of Kindergarten. The students had a great time and worked hard to follow directions and become familiar with their new environment. Some of the students had a hard time but after a while they were able to come in and work with their peers. It is so amazing to see how at the end of the year they are able to do so much, while when they come in in September they are so nervous and need a lot of support. I look forward to a great year and all that will come about. As I reflect on my day some of it was so great, and I also think how I really need to break things down as the students need a lot of guidance and support to help them become familiar with the routines and for some their first year in Kindergarten or even school. I really hope to have a great year, and look forward to all the exciting things that happen. Here are a few photos from our first day!
learning how to use materials and work together.

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  1. Your room looks beautiful and it looks like a fantastic first day in K! Wishing you a wonderful year Ms. Cruse :)