Sunday, October 30, 2016

New writing, playground games, Happy Diwalli

This past week students have started new writing called Writing in the World. We are learning all about different types of writing we use and see daily from signs, to post cards, to cards, recipes and even coupons. Students explored with the help of Ms. Rebecca signs we see near our school. We also walked around the school building to observe different signs too.
Ms Rebecca leads the class to help them look for street signs, cross walks and more things as mailboxes
After the walk students then worked on using the sheet Ms. Rebecca made to draw something they they were able to find out on the walk.

In writing we also finished our first published piece and shared our writing with our friends in class. We talked about great things each of us are doing and then gave suggestions on how to make our work even better.
S and M share their writing together

A and S share their writing 
In math we have moved from working with shapes to exploring and understanding numbers to 5 through the use of games and using our math journals to show how we can make different numbers to show our understanding.
A shows how to make three

M and S play the number dot games

In our class with our playground study students have become more interested in games as hopscotch, red light green light and also tag. Students have also been working in the block area to make a playground.
a playground

Students used a book to help them build in the blocks 

Also as halloween is approaching the students decorated a pumpkin and also carved a jack o lantern and then took out the seeds and pulp. We will roast the seeds and try them next week. Students also made play dough and added orange this time to create jack o lanterns in the play dough area.
V. C shows his jack o lantern

V , J and S paint the pumpkin

J, V.C., and S work on taking out the pumpkin

On Friday we learned about the holiday Diwalli the festival of lights. Jahnavi's mom and Lavana from PTA came in to share about this holiday they celebrate. They brought in Dias which are candles they use, showed pictures and even made food for the class to try. They wore their Saris to show what type of clothes are work, and students made Rongoli mats to take home.

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