Sunday, November 6, 2016

Happy Halloween, playground study, new math and new reading/wriitng

This past week we celebrated Halloween. The students observed different things, created halloween crafts such as bat and spider hats and then at the end of the day we dressed up in our costumes.

In reading and writing this past week we started new units of study. In reading we are working on acting out stories and using stories as the Three Billy Goats, The 3 Little Pigs, The 3 Bears, Bunny Cakes, Mrs. Wishy Washy, The Little Red Hen, and Cordouroy.  With these stories we have learned to read the books without the words and we have been using puppets to help us with storybook language. 
acting out The Three Billy Goats Gruff

S cuts out her puppets

In writing we started our writing in the world unit and we have been observing different types of writing and we started working on signs this past week and will move into making cards in the upcoming week. Students observed other types of writing as advertisements, post cards and even recipes. 
V. L observes writing
As we continue our play ground study, we took a trip to the Maple Playground where we observed the playground, discussed materials that students could even use in our own play ground and also discussed how the playground at school is different and how there are some items we would like to build for our own playground. With the mini trip students also took what they observed and added it to the block area. 
M observational drawing

more drawings of what we observed

J and N work on adding a road and slide to the playground

a playground  like the one we observed
students thinking how they cold show the path
In math we started a new unit called Baby's Adventure in which a child takes a path outside. During this unit, students will think how to solve the problem without prompt in hope that they can take what they observed and use different tools to figure out the answer. Before telling the students the answer they were sent to use any tools in the classroom to figure out that the path the baby went on was a shape of a square and that they had to think how four lines and corners could make this shape. 
P used pattern blocks

N figured it out by using a geoboard
With Ms. Rebecca this week the students played I have do you have game to help them with vocabulary and also helping them learn new language structures. 
R and S play

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