Sunday, November 13, 2016

Playground games, Veterans Day, Farm Trip, and new materials

teaching others how to play games on the play ground
This past week we continued our play ground study with a focus on games we like to play on the play ground. Students have taken a liking to games as london bridges, jump roping, and even tag as well as games they like to make up and play on their own. To help us with this, we worked with a partner to create a piece of writing to show how to play a certain game to help teach others and also to add to our class library as books to read and hope to make a game making center during choice time.
J and J show how to play hopscotch

During this week as we work more on using materials to add to what we are working on, students in the block area added different tools to help them add cars and also work on stacking blocks to make animals as they work on building. This week we will work on keeping the same students in the blocks in hopes to help them create something different and document the work. 
students add different items to make cars

This week thanks to Ms. Dubin, students had the opportunity to meet a Veteran and learn about what a Veteran does to help them understand why we honor and celebrate Veterans Day. They learned how to salute and march!

This week we went to the Farm in Queens. Students were able to observe and learn about the animals on the farm, and they also were able to get a pumpkin and take a hay ride around the farm. They learned how chickens bathe, the wool is used from the sheep and they were able to feed goats and learn about he alphachi.
on the hayride

feeding the goats

We had a great time! This week as we continue to work on writing in the world we will learn how to write cards, create post cards and also continue to work on babys adventure in math as well as continue our work with emergent story books. Don't forget picture day is Thursday and trip money is due by Tuesday1

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