Sunday, November 27, 2016

Art, writing in the world, Happy Thanksgiving, and more!

Jason's dad came to help in art this week. 
This past week we finished up our math unit . During this unit we worked on understanding how a story can help us solve a math problem, and we also explored and learned more about 2d and 3d shapes. To help students with the unit, and making sure they were able to explain shapes they ended the unit with a describing shape game, in which they told their partner how many sides and angles the shape has and then they had to guess the shape.
J and A play the shape game
In writing we talked about and tried more writing. We created lists, and menus and students continued to use paper to make cards during choice time. 
J makes her card in the writing center during choice time. 

In blocks and outside students still continue to create games while they play outside and they also have continued to use the blocks to make a playground in the classroom, using different materials as cardboard to help them make different parts of the playground that they use daily. 
Jmakes and awning for the playground 

Creating tall sides and parts of the playground like our school

In the studio program the students have been working with clay and they have learned how to score the clay so that it sticks together and they have also worked with pinching and also flattening the clay. J's dad came to help out this week and in the play dough center students created little cakes and cookies to add to the dramatic play center. 
A uses clay to make cookies

We also celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday and had a feast in the classroom, in which we tried different foods , discussed what we are thankful for and learned about the first thanksgiving and created turkeys, and native american and pilgrim hats. 

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