Friday, November 30, 2012

Dinosaurs, and action words

B and K work on making a dinosaur cave
Today at the end of the day students worked in groups looking at all different parts of dinosaurs. Some of the students believe them to exist, while many know that they are extinct but are fascinated by these creatures that roamed our land long ago. Students worked on painting, using pasta to show the fossils, a mural, a puzzle, created stories and even took a lot of blocks and created a home/cave for the dinosaurs. They also looked at different animals that represent the features of a dinosaur.  They were working together and figured out how to label and write more about the creatures.

W looks at a dinosaur to help him with his representation for his painting

The writing group uses a book to help them learn more facts

Students also had the opportunity to play an action word game with Ms. Rebecca today. They have been working on action words all week. Ask them how to play as a copy was sent home!

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