Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post cards and more

In writing we have moved from making signs to looking at what a post card is and even creating our own. We have started to make post cards for our classmates and now even have a mail delivery person who sorts out the mail at the end of the day and then delivers it!

J makes a post card

E makes her post card and uses her word wall sheet to write her own words

In writing students now have their own word wall sheets to help them look up words they don't remember how to spell and also add words under the correct alphabet letter.

In math today we worked on one to one matching and also created small pumpkin number books since Halloween is tomorrow. We also have been working really hard on making number combinations up to five!

J makes his book

E works on making her group of 10

M worked on counting after she finished her book. Students have been enjoying games as part of math to!

Our thinking map we have been working on this week is the multi flow which is a cause and effect type of map. Students helped me to create a positive map and talked about what positive things can happen and how you feel when you make good choices. We also looked at a map that included something that was not good and discussed consequences about that. 

Today in share J brought in another animal to share. He brought his caterpillar. Students have been working on questions and comments. When they are finished speaking they say , " I'm ready for questions and comments." This helps to let the other students know when they can raise a thumb and talk to whoever brought something to share.

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