Monday, October 21, 2013

New week new materials

Today we worked on sorting out different types of writing to help us understand more about how writing is everywhere. We looked at sign pictures from our walking trip outside from Friday to talk about what signs we saw. We then went back to our seats to sort out writing. We found maps, post cards, recipes, adds, signs, and even coupons. Our focus will be working on writing and making signs this week.
Ms. Rebecca shows the class our school sign

More signs on buildings

Understanding that a address is a sign

We will continue to use these photos to help students identify how important writing is and that it is everywhere.

In our word work we created a flow map. A flow map puts events in order. We created a class one. We made a flow map on how to make a Jack o Lantern. The students really enjoyed coming up to pull out the seeds!
I pulls out seeds

D pulls out seeds

J gets seeds

our flow map


we added a light to put on later

Students then went back to their seats to make their own flow map using pictures of the Three Billy Goats Gruff to put the story events in order

From looking at the signs outside on Friday, students took what they learned and added it to their own learning. In the block center students made signs so that other students would not knock down their work. They also made some to put in the reading area to keep the books nice. 

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