Monday, January 2, 2017

Holiday and Happy New Year

Before the holiday break, students were very actively participating in the photo booth center. We raised over 70 dollars in which we bought toys to take to sick children at the hospital. Students also enjoyed making cookies before the break and we even had the chance to have Santa come and visit us.
Students also continued to use math games, work in choice time and even made fun holiday hats. We also had the holiday concert before the break. Students worked really hard to sing some fun songs. They also finished up their pattern books in writing, and worked on reading skills in reading.
C  working on the photo center

Students adding gifts to the photo center

students decorating

Mr. C at the photo booth

T and V.L playing cover up

A and J playing math games

D and W playing 

holiday cookies we made

Happy holidays

Before the break students had the chance to also read with their second grade buddies too!


Also before the break we had a great parent engagement activity in which families came in and made holiday ornaments. 
This week as we start the new year, we will start new reading writing and math units. We also will work on winter activities and even begin a I wonder board in hopes of sparking some new projects. We also will set new goals, and rules and even get new fun play ground materials as my donors choose project was funded!

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