Monday, February 15, 2016

Chinese New year, Valentines Day, sorting, and baking

Over the past week, students celebrated Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, and worked on sorting in math with different buttons. We have continued to use the bakery in our classroom and we made strawberry cupcakes as well as used new materials from Donors Choose to make the experience of cooking even more exciting. Students have also finished up their oral stories and have moved on to partner reading. We have introduced new games in our choice time centers, as well as some fun holiday materials.  We had a great week doing so many fun things, and ended our last day before break getting our eyes checked and our teeth checked too. Have a wonderful week off!
E made a valentines day dog puppet

U and W play connect 4

J and K use stamps and hearts to make cards

R makes some fun cookies 

M and T make cards 

During Valentines Day crafts, students sorted candies and  made graphs as well as some fun hats, and cards. 

Exploring new materials
S made hearts in art
 Students enjoyed the yummy treats and had a great time! We also played many math games this week as well.
roll and cover 

comparing numbers

working on addition and counting 

work on adding with different boxes and numbers

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