Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Personal Narratives, Number combinations, new materials and the 100th day!

Since we have returned from our mid winter break, we have been learning about many new things. We saw a Chinese Dragon show for the Chinese New Year. Students watched different dances and watched a dragon that moved!

With the weather getting nicer outside, students have become interested in using the scooters. Today in the art center, T made an idea of how to make a kite and M wrote about it. This led to a class discussion of how we can make kites and what will happen when we take them outside. We learned that the materials we used were not sturdy and we will try new materials tomorrow. 
A uses the schooters 

T's kites

students figure out how to fix the string

M and V work on getting the kite to fly

Thanks to Mrs. Roman students have had the opportunity to watch caterpillars emerge into butterflies. They have been observing them for the past few days and on Friday they turned into Butterflies. We have been observing the butterflies and will set them free this week. 

Last week we started our studio in the school . During this time students are taught art once a week on Thursdays. This art class students focused in on drawing animals and also thinking of shapes they could use to sketch out their work. We even had Kevins grandmother come in to help out!
J and K's gradmother work together

M trace her animal

students observe and draw
Thanks to Donors choose we have received many new materials for choice time. In the bakery we have received new materials, new light tiles, games and even comic books for the superhero center. Students are really excited about the materials and it has led to new learning. Also we have worked on color mixing, and since it is March and Dr Seuss birthday is this week we have made green play dough and green ooblick. 
J and U and W use the new building blocks

K wears the new  baking outfit

E and Mrs. D put on the new outfit 
Students engage with the new water table from Mr. Andy

Collage made by students

A works on color mixing
This week we have been working on partner reading and working on asking partners questions by studying the pictures and words in the books. 
S and A discuss their book
In writing we have started personal stories, working on a beginning, middle and end, and also remembering a story is about one event that happened over a short amount of time. 
W story the dots are a editing system that helps the students check their work 

On Friday we celebrated the 100th day of school. Students shared their projects and we made 100 day hats, snacks and books. 
We made a if I had 100 circle map

M shares her project

I wrote I wish i had 100 flowers

Happy 100th day 

making our 100 day snack
Also in math we have been working on making different number combinations and solving problems through a story, acting out, modeling, sketching and making number problems. We have been working with the story the bunk bed and students have been figuring out how many different ways they can place 8 kids on a bunk bed. 
makign 8 

New materials in centers
S and E work on a new puzzle

M made a how to make a kite in art

A and A make oobleick

E works on his comic book

K and S play topple

W works with new light tiles

Making green playdough

It has been a great start to a few weeks back.

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