Friday, January 22, 2016

MLK, new slime, and Superheros

We learned about MLK and students were able to understand who he was, and what he wanted for the world. We used two different eggs a brown and a white egg and the question was do you think the inside is the same? Some students said yes and some said no. They were surprised to see how the inside was the same. We then talked about how no matter what someone looks like on the outside they feel the same on the inside.

After we talked about how we would like to make the world a better place and what dreams we have for the world, just like mlk!

circle map of our dreams

My dream is for no hitting

In choice time we have been cooking and making different things. We made slime with glue, starch, food dye and glitter for winter. In our bakery we made cookies. The students have been working on writing books together for recipes and then making on their own and for the class. we worked on hibernation and made bear treats too!

more slime and jewels

R and J make slime

V makes a bear treat

In our block center we have been working on adding superheros to make gotham city and also we have been working hard on making our own comic books with the use of flow maps and student drawings. 
m works on the city

E adds to the block city

E adds batman to 
Students have also been working on writing like Donald Crews. They have added in details, punctuation, sound words, big bold words and even have added different people.

We also have been working on our choice time journals. During this time students are able to write down and share what they have been working on during choice time. 

Mr. Andy has also leant us some new blocks to build with. Students were really excited to use them and made different mazes with the blocks and balls. 

With our superhero center students have made really great comic strips and books. They are using the room to write as well. In our poetry center students are now able to read the poems all by themselves and even read the class books too!

In the bakery we made chocolate chip marshmellow cookies and then wrote a interactive book together. 

We even have a new winter sand table and ice center happening! Its been a great past few weeks!

J made the bear in his cave hibernating

we also opened up a jewelry center too!

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