Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

Welcome back and happy new year. The students have been learning and working on many new things this week as they were welcomed back from their holiday break. In the art center we created winter paint taped portraits and in the cooking center we made new winter glitter play dough. The students have become more engaged in the block area and have added to their buildings. We opened up a new marble run center. Students have also become much more interested in writing comic books and adding new stories daily.

new block building

 T makes blocks

In writing we have started a new unit writing like Donald Crews by using his book as a text to help us learn more about how authors write and also how they make pictures. The focus is on using his books to write stories paying special attention to the pictures and the details in the pictures. We also did partner writing this week and we read aloud our pattern books  to each other.
studenst noticings from Donald Crews

e's pattern book he read 
n math we have started to compare numbers and worked on a class measurement book and observed different ways to measure and also tools that help us in measurement.
E and D measure

We also have made new playdough, and have been outside observing the changes in winter and what is happening to the weather. we even were able to explore ice today and what happens with the ice when you put it in the sun.

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