Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pattern books, measurement, and Holidays

Over the past few weeks we have been studying different holidays that are celebrated in December. Last week students learned about Hanukkah and were able to make menorahs not only with art but also with food. Since we are doing a bakery study students were able to make a snack for their classmates in the bakery center.
E makes his menorah

A makes her menorah

C and E and A enjoy a snack 

This week we are learning about Kwanza which is another holiday celebrated on 7 ideas. Students read a book, and illustrated Kinarahs. They also learned through a pbs video. 

Next week we will learn about Christmas.

In math we have been working on measurement and learning about non standard tools. We started the measurement with a shoe investigation working on length and also volume. We even talked about long, longer, short, and shortest. 

After working on the shoe measurement we discussed what other tools we could use to measure something with. We used different materials as balances, measuring tapes and even rulers. 
A uses paper clips to measure

V uses sticks

E and I, and J use a balance

K uses cubes and a balance

A and U use strips 

J uses paper clips

A and S and R use a measuring tape

In reading and writing we have been working on pattern books. We have been working on simple patterns, patterns with a twist, list pattern books and sea saw patterns. Students are doing such a great job with their writing. 

E's sea saw pattern book 

Next week is our family engagement holiday craft. Make sure to join us and bring your pink slip. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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