Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A new project, and new choice materials.

Students have decided to turn the dramatic play area into a bakery. We started by looking at images of a bakery to see what items should be taken out and what we can do to add to the dramatic play. Students have begun to create menus, added open shelves to display what they are making, and have taken the playdough and created shelves with coookies and items for sale.
cookies for the bakery 

A and K make cookies 

W adds more cookies

beginning of a display case

This week block building team 2 has been working in the block center. They have been working on sketching out something they can build ,and are working together to help each other commit to building in the block area. They will share out their building with their classmates on Friday. 
working as a team

sketches of budiling

F adds to the buildings
In the science center I added in some new materials. The students were asked to think about what would happen when they add water to small liquid balls. At first they thought they would stay the same and now that we left them they have expanded. 

Students have also been interested in comic books and writing their own. After showing the students some real comics they were given blank paper and they now have decided to come up with their own and create a class comic book. 

a finished superhero comic book

In art we have added some new collage materials and gingerbread people Students decorated and created their own to take home. 

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