Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Learning everyday!f

It is almost our second week of school and although we are continuing to work on rules and routines we are starting to get into learning how to use materials and also how to work in reading and writing.
We have explored water color painting, play dough, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, and even have used the sand table. Each time the students are using the materials they are becoming more and more creative. In reading we are learning how to read independently and in writing we are working on how to write using quiet music and pictures. In math students are working on using materials and also how to sort and work with shapes.
J and C read back to back 

S reads during independent reading 

F picks out  book for reading time

In writing students are learning how to use different writing tools and how to work during the writing time so they are able to create great stories. On the playground the students have really been interested in using the sand box and have been working so nicely together.

students worked in the sand box. They found different tools and were working together. 

In writing we are working on what is a story and how to make sure we add ourselves in our stories each day. 
V and A work on their stories

K works on his writing

f writes a story
working on what to do during writing workshop

tools we use in writing
We tried choice time today where students were able to choose where they want to explore and play

W, T, E, and K work in the sand center

M, U, and A work in the picture center

A, J, V work in water color painting

Rm Ym Dm A and F work in playdough

M, T, work on a puzzle

A and S use the alphabet center
As we continue to work students will be able to choose many fun centers to help them socialize and learn. Happy eid to those that celebrate and Yom KIpur . Enjoy the two days off.

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