Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Choice time and the playground

Students worked on taking apart their names with a focus on upper case and lower case letters
students explored in the puzzle center

This week we have been working on choice time, this is the time the students get to choose a material to work with and explore this area. We also have on the playground new lego blocks which the students are really excited about using. They have begun to become friendlier with each other and are starting to make friendships and feel more comfortable. We have also been working with letters in our names and even learned what a sentence was today.

students made a castle for the playground as part of our discussion on what a playground needs
As a class we have been working hard to help each other be good friends and also have worked on following rules and routines. The students are doing such a great job. We are working on rhyming and also counting and shapes in math. It is a great beginning of the week.

students learning in the sand center

working with new drawing materials

students used the water color paints to explore colors

we used playdough to explore and make shapes

The students are doing such a great job of working together and are really starting to discuss things more and come up with great project ideas. 
working in the alphabet center

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