Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Decorating folders, Partner reading, More centers, and a Castle!

This week we took the musical instruments outside. Students made a band and used the different tools to make different sounds. They even made a marching band!

partner reading
In writing we have been writing everyday. We even have made a beautiful folder to keep our work in while we write everyday. We have been working on adding details and making sure we make our faces match our stories. We even have talked about how to tell the difference between real and make believe.

In reading we have been reading independently but also have learned this week how to read with a partner. We even tried today to move from independent to partner reading.

In our choice time we introduced a new choice the art center. In this center students have been making scarecrows as part of the weekly art craft.
students decorated their writing folder

Students are starting to interact more with each other and are really making friends. In our playground discussion students want to have a castle on the playground. Today they took cones and legos and started to turn our playground into a castle. They were using different materials and were working together to turn the playground we have to a magical castle.
the beginning of the castle. 
Students then took the legos and started to bring them over the playground!

Students again partner reading. They are sharing the book and taking turns. M and S share piggy and elephant.

In choice time since it is Fall, new play dough was added. There is now a pumpkin scented and apple scented play dough. 

students using the new playdough

students exploring the fall sensory table.

more work at the light table

N uses the pumpkin playdough to make a pumpking

In the writing center this week students have been exploring with words and letters. Some students were even able to write all by themselves!

m wrote a message to her family.

It has been a great week of learning so far. Tomorrow we hope to explore the building of a castle on the playground and we will be opening the science center in choice time. Students have also learned how to make a circle map and in social studies they have learned about fire safety. Ms. Rebecca taught them Hot hot stay away! We also sorted lower case and capital letters, and in writing we will learn how to edit. In math we are working on shapes and patterns!

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