Monday, October 12, 2015

An unexpected project!

With the exploration of making a castle, students worked on a circle map to help them dig deeper into this topic of study. We discussed what a castle needs, has, and can be. We are exploring this topic during outdoor time and even are thinking of how to do this in our centers inside. We opened up the science center this week and students were exploring magnets, fall objects, and even started making castles with stones . In math we have continued our study of shapes, numbers to 10, and have been discussing how we get an answer by using different tools we have explored in math!

circel map for a castle

E, M, and S draw up plans to make the castle

J and D work on building a bridge.

S joins the group to make the bridge.

On student T started to make a sign.

This week students learned about germs with Ms. Rebecca . She helped the students understand this topic by making it into a game. 
I is the germ while the other students observe. 
This week students also explored the concept of rhyming while learning to play a game with a  partner. 
They were asked to find the matching rhyme just like playing a memory game only this time with rhyming cards.

S looks for rhyming cards

A and I play together

M, A, and F play together

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