Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Writing celebration, shape hunt, and writing all around us!

This week we finished up our unit on writing. We learned what writers do and made stories. We learned how to read with a partner and had a small writing celebration to celebrate the work that we did in the first month of school.
T and A share their published piece

A and N share

W reads his work

A published piece 

We even opened up in our art center the puppet making center. During this time students were able to create their own puppets and learned how to mix colors. They also made a tree for the fall and a apple poem with a handprint to take home.
students making fall trees

J works on color mixing

apple handprint.

This week students also took outside signs they made and directions to show how they made a castle and started to make a big bridge. This then went into the classroom where they worked on making towers using leaves with the magnetic tiles. One student even wanted to make Tangled.

drawings and directions

T makes a bridege

In playdough we added yarn and buttons and students were able to make funny faces and people. In science we worked on color mixing and even painted images of pumpkins by looking at a real pumpkin and used different brushes and colors to explore.

I, T, and F work on color mixing and pumpkins

painting a picture of pumpkins

F color mixes 

In writing we explored new work. Students observed different types of writing we see daily.
T and S and w look at different writing

M and V look at cards

After we went outside with Ms. Rebecca and did a neighborhood sign walk. 

J circles signs she sees

In math we have finished learning about shapes and students went on a building shape hunt. 

We also opened up the dramatic play center and the alphabet center

A in the alphabet center

Students in the dramatic play 

In the science center we added new materials

a potion from d

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