Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fire safety and new materials

Last week we had a firefighter visit our classroom to go over fire safety and prevention. The students learned what to do in case there was ever a fire in their own home, or if they saw smoke somewhere. Firefighter Tom showed them a smoke alarm, and other tools.
firefighter tom discusses fire safety

C helps out with firesafety

M helps out

In the playdough center we added some yarn, and buttons to help the students identify and explore even more with playdough. With the new materials the students were able to create some detailed people and objects 
R ;s person

V made a person with buttons and yarn

In the art center I left some open ended materials for the students to use. They then were able to explore and make some fun pointers to help them read at home. 
S works in the art center

M uses paint to make a pointer

In reading we have been acting out stories and making puppets. In writing we have been working on making signs, and thinking about why they help us . 
I showed students this sign from my trip to florida to help them see why signs are important
Students then have been working on their own signs over the past few days and will learn how to make other writing in the weeks to follow. 
c made a do not enter sign

E made no running

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