Monday, November 2, 2015

Free art, Pumpkins, and the Transit Museum

In art, we added some new materials. This gave the students the opportunity to explore the materials and make new art with the supplies. Some students made jack o lanterns for Halloween, while others used the materials to make pictures.

T created a new piece of art

J made a jack o lantern

In centers this week we also added in the listening center, where students are able to listen to books on cds from what we have already read.
I and N listen

I brought in a pumpkin and we carved the pumpkin. We talked about the stem, the inside and the pulp and the stages of growth. After we carved a jack o lantern face and even roasted pumpkin seeds.

students even painted the pumpkin

In math we were introduced to the wreckon wrack. This tool helps students use the counters to make groups of different numbers. It is a great way for them to share out how they figured out the problem. 

D shows how to make five

On friday when we went to the transit museum we also celebrated Halloween!

having fun making trains

Mickey showed us trains and buses 

J and R made trains

More train making

touring the museum

We had a great time!

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