Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our First Week Of Kindergarten!

We just finished our first few days of Kindergarten. It is hard to remember in June how the students are able to do so much and yet in September it is back to walking in the hall, using the bathroom, and learning how to sit and listen to directions and stories. I looking forward to seeing how these wonderful students I am teaching now will grow into ready first graders by June. This week we worked on how to walk in the hall, explored math materials, learned how to use crayons, markers, and pens and even were able to start some self portraits. Some of the students were even able to participate in the read aloud. They are such a great bunch that I can't wait to see what they do as a class this year. We even were able to go on the playground!

Students explore the crayons

In music Ms. Kim taught a fun song

pattern block exploration

Ms. Maggie and Ms. Rebecca show the students rules in the cafeteria.

students watch and learn all about what to do during lunch. 

In math students explored the pattern blocks. 

E makes a tower

S and T play on the playground

J and S use connecting cubes to explore. They started to measure

 K R, F and S explore pattern blocks
 It was a great first week of learning and I look forward to next week.

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